Aurelia's goldsmiths have over 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing beautiful jewellery. We take pride in that every step, from design to the production of your jewellery, is done in-house. We specialize in hand-crafted custom jewellery.

Our computer aided design software and 3D printer, allows you to see and hold your jewellery before it is made in gold or silver. This ensures accuracy in the details of your custom piece. 

We also have thousands of loose diamonds and gemstones, along with hundreds of jewelry products to choose from in our products page. Please submit for a quote on our products pageand we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Have some jewellery needing an appraisal for insurance purposes? Come visit our Canadian Institute of Gemmology (CIG) Certified Gemmologist and Appraiser for an assessment today. 


Aurelia purchases all items containing measurable amounts of gold and/or silver. This includes jewellery, coins, bullion product, dental crowns and bridges, etc.

Your gold will be assessed using an X-ray Spectrometer while you wait and watch. This state of the art equipment ensures that you will be paid the most for your precious metals.


Aurelia advocates for the private acquisition of gold and silver.  We sell gold & silver in pure form such as bullion bars and coins. We keep Royal Canadian Mint Gold Maple Leaf coins in stock but also offer other recognized gold & silver bullion products as they become available.

Give us a call or come visit us to see what products we can offer you to build your precious metals portfolio.